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Spit Mk1 J Z E
Spit Mk1 J Z E
Spit Mk1 J Z E Gallery: Aircraft Description: Spitfire AR213 Built by Westlands of Yeovil and delivered to 12 MU in July 1941, then to 53 O T U till February 1943, finally going to 8 MU for storage in March. It was struck off charge in November 1945. It was bought by Alan Wheeler in March 1947 and stored till 1967. It was then brought to flying condition for the film Battle of Britain. Then it was sold to the Hon Patrick Lindsay in 1978. Following his death it was sold in January 1986 to Victor Gauntlett in 2003. AR 213 was undergoing a major overhaul to a true MK1a configuration. In July 2007 AR213 was nearly complete at Personal Plane Services. On March 2011 AR213 was put up for sale by the owners. It can still be seen at Duxford in Hanger 2.It is now painted in the colours of 53 O T U with the codes J Z E.
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