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Spit 9 Caroline Grace Pilot
Spit 9 Caroline Grace Pilot
Spit 9 Caroline Grace Pilot Gallery: Aircraft Description: ML407 was built at Castle Bromwich, it was built as a single seat fighter. It was powered by a Rolls Royce Merlin 66, but today it is powered by a Merlin 25. In August 1944 it was destined for the 2nd Tactical Air Force, on the 29 April it was delivered to 485 (R N Z A F ) where it was adopted by Jonnie Houlton. Houlton was on patrol over Omaha beach when he spotted and shot down a JU88, Houlton was credited with shooting down the first enemy aircraft on D Day. It was bought by Vickers and converted to a T9 for the Irish Air Corps, after several owners it became the property of Nick Grace who put it on the civil list in 1980. Its first post-rebuild took place on April 16 1985. Sadly Nick was killed in a motor accident in 1988. Carolyn took over and in 1990 became the only woman to own and fly a Spitfire. Since then it has taken part in many celebrations , but the aircraft is still part of the Grace family.
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