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Spitfire MK1 No2
Spitfire MK1 No2
Spitfire MK1 No2 Gallery: Aircraft Description: On the 24 May 1940 P9374 took off from R A F Hornchurch for an early morning patrol over the French Coast. during an air to air combat with 109's, P9374 suffered damage and it made an emergency landing on the beach just outside Calais. Before it could be recovered the tides and sand covered it. P9374 remained under the sand till 1980,when a severe storm uncovered it. The fuselage and wings were removed and stored. In August 2006 all the component parts were moved to Historic Flying Limited and after a lengthy restoration with most of the original parts being used where ever possible. After three and a half years it was complete, and on the 2 September 2011, P9374 had its first flight at the hands of John Romain
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