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Spit MK11 Breaking Cloud
Spit MK11 Breaking Cloud
Spit MK11 Breaking Cloud Gallery: Aircraft Description: This photo - reconnaissance version of the Supermarine Spitfire was developed from the Mark IX fighter. Instead of guns, it carried additional fuel tanks in the leading edges of the wings giving it a very long range. The PR Spitfires were constructed in shadow factories at Reading and Salisbury and final assembly carried out in Supermarine's hanger at Aldermarston airfield in Berkshire. the standard operational fit were two vertical cameras and one oblique camera in the fuselage, and for battlefield photography had two smaller cameras mounted in the wings. R A F photo - reconnaissance operations were centred on nearby Benson in Oxfordshire. The standard colour scheme was an overall blue, Analysis of the images was carried out at R A F Medmenham in Buckinghamshire
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