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Gladiator edited-1
Gladiator edited-1
Gladiator edited-1 Gallery: Aircraft Description: L8032 was the last production Gladiator 1 built in 1937 but not actually assembled until 1938. In 1948 it, together with Gladiator 2 N5903, was bought by Glosters. In 1950 the two were delivered to Air Service Training for use as instrucsional air frames at Hamble and Ansty. When Ansty closed the aircraft and was bought by Viv Bellamy for a nominal sum. L8032 was restored using the engine from N5903 and flew again as G-AMRK and was bought by Glosters in 1953 and in 1956 was put back into full military specification in 72 Squadron markings. When Glosters closed the Gladiator was presented to the Shuttleworth Collection for safe keeping on 7 November 1960.
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