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Grace Spitfire
Grace Spitfire
Grace Spitfire Gallery: Aircraft Description: Spitfire M L 407 was built in 1944 as a single seat Mark 9 and was assigned to the 2 n d Tactial Air Force and allocated to No 485 (R N Z A F) Squadron R A F and on the June 6 t h M L 407 became the first Allied aircraft to shoot down an enemy aircraft on D Day. Later converted to be a 2 seat trainer for the Irish Air Corps, they were used to train pilots to fly the Seafire. When they were made redundant they were all bought privately. The Grace family bought M L 407 from a collector in Scotland. then stated a long and painstaking restoration. M L 407 fist flew in 1985 at the hands of Nick Grace, sadly Nick was killed in a motor accident and rather than sell the aircraft , his wife Carolyn leaqrned to display the Soitfire, thus becoming the only woman to own and fly a Spitfire.
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