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Ginger Lacy's Spit 14
Ginger Lacy's Spit 14
Ginger Lacy's Spit 14 Gallery: Aircraft Description: This Spitfire was built in 1945 too late to see service in World War 2 and was sold to the Indian Air Force around1947. Originally ordered as a P R M K IX, restored as a M K VIII, now a M K XIV, this Spitfire certainly exemplifies the reason for much confusion of identity of various marks and models of Spitfire that were built or modified. The markings Y B- A are those of a Spitfire flown by James "Ginger" Lacy. He was credited with 28 enemy aircraft destroyed, nine damaged and five further probables. Ginger lacy may have destroyed more than 60 enemy aircraft, of which five were destroyed within five days of his first operational flight. Not bad for a beginner!!
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