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Skyraider Armed
Skyraider Armed
Skyraider Armed Gallery: Aircraft Description: Douglas Skyraider F-AZHKwas built on the assembly line from Douglas to Second Secoundo California in 1951. It was given U S Navy registration BuNo127002. After a few years service in the U S Navy it was stored for two or three years in Litchfield Park Arizona. In 1959 the French Army placed an order for the first Skyraider. . Only those with flying hours between 600 and 2600 were considered. Brought up to flying condition and transported by air to Norfolk, they were then taken on board the flight deck of Billeau Woodoor and delivered to St Nazaire. Taken into account in 1961, Skyraider was processed and given the the number 61 and refurbished for tactical air support in Algeria. In 1992 it was recovered by Michael and Maurice Gineste Etchetto when it received its registration F-AZVK. After an engine failure it was immobilised for five years at the airfield at Le Mans until bought by Claude Semenaclisse in October 1998. Operated by F4U-7 Corsair AFAN Association itwas sold to its current owner in 2009, the Christophe and Valerie Brumeliere Association. The aircraft is seen here at one of the Flying Legends Displays.
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