About Thomas Dyer (A.R.P.S, C.P.A.G.B)

ThomasDyer_About_SideThomas Dyer (A.R.P.S, C.P.A.G.B)
is a north eastern photographer who has a passion for traditional monochrome and digital photography.

Thomas brings to life his images by exposing their nostalgia and history. As you browse through the portfolio you will begin to see the creativity and personality that needs to be brought to the fore giving the images a certain individuality.

Photography has evolved through the digital era, opening the floodgates of opportunity for photographers that would once have been unable to truly reach their desired levels of expression.

Let us not forget the traditional monochrome print. A monochrome print is an individual piece of artwork that has been produced in a darkroom using a negative and printing paper.

Every print produced, even from the same negative using the same paper and the same techniques, can still produce a print with subtle differences, thus retaining their individuality.

Thomas was awarded a Licentiateship to the Royal Photographic Society for his work on railways, which was shortly followed by an Associateship and it was after obtaining this distinction that the RPS used one of his images for a front cover of one of their promotional booklets.