King Seaways Glint
16 Spitfires
Northumberland No4
Tornado at Beck Hole
Military air show 2011 053
P51 Take Off TF871
Tornado on Teaks
NYMR Steam Shed
Moorlander 44767 B Smoke

Welcome to Griffon Stephenson!!

Griffon Stephenson is an on line based exhibition of photographic imagery created by Thomas Dyer (A.R.P.S, C.P.A.G.B) who has a range of images to offer.

Thomas specialises in photographing classic aircraft and steam locomotives and endeavours to show them in their natural environment.

Over the last few years, Thomas has gained experience in these particular subjects to build up a reputable portfolio demonstrating his style and ability in respect of these subjects.

In the portfolio section, Thomas demonstrates a selective range of styles and techniques used to bring his images to life, matching the right styles to the right occasion.
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